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A Word from the Playwright

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I understand that Holocaust plays are, by nature, heavy handed, dark pieces as the subject matter lends itself in that direction.  Having said that, there is much to learn from the Holocaust, not only for survivors and future generations, but for we, the attendees of Holocaust plays today.  
“DelikateSSen” is topical for numerous reasons and very different from other, Holocaust fare.  For starters, the play takes place in 1972, New York City and deals with the memories one family has of the Holocaust and how those memories will ultimately affect the lives of so many others. 
Some would say, “Can we please move on to other things and not continue conjuring the terrible memories of the Holocaust?”  If we indeed, continue to feel and act in that manner, we do an injustice to all those Holocaust victims, living or deceased as to forget the genocide ever happened and to minimize the sacrifice and pain those families still endure.  
Movies such as “Schindler’s List” and “The Pianist” are great works of art and stories that need to be told in addition to so many, UNTOLD Holocaust stories, yet to be discovered.  
A large percentage of the population has come to view the German people in a negative light, based solely on the Nazis and the horrors they created during World War II.  Television shows such as “Combat” and “The Rat Patrol” and even “Hogan’s Heroes” portray the Germans as all evil or ignorant.  To be fair, we cannot hold the German people today, accountable for what Hitler and Himmler did during the war.  
“DelikateSSen” takes a somewhat neutral stance and gives both the Jewish and German side of things.  When I say that “DelikateSSen” is topical today, I can site numerous and highly credible reasons. 
There is a staggering number of Neo-Nazi groups in the United States alone.  

I'm told by a friend that The Onion is a parody site, so I am mistaken about Jews desecrating Nazi headstones at the Heinrich Himmler Memorial Cemetery, so I've taken that off the blog, though I wonder where they found the picture of Nazi graves emblazoned with Jewish Stars?  Mm.  

In any event, here are REAL instances of grave desecration and antisemitism.




Heinrich Himmler's daughter, Gudrun (Himmler) Burwitz, today, at 81, works with Neo-Nazis and helps SS officers evade justice.  

The play is relevant today as genocide, unfortunately still takes place in areas around the globe.  The concepts of hate, antisemitism, racism and prejudice are all too alive and well in 2013. 

I believe, after reading this, you will agree, that issues relating to and stemming from the Holocaust need to be discussed, understood, analyzed and in this case, dramatized.  A well written, fast paced, heavy hitting drama will always entertain as well as educate!  

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